5 Simple Ways You Can Draw Close to God & Grow Now

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Many Christians want to improve their relationship with God but aren’t quite sure how to do it. In this post, we’ll detail five simple ways you can draw closer to Him and others!

Use a Bible app

If you like using your smartphone and want the convenience of opening God’s Word wherever you are, download a Bible app to have God’s Word at your fingertips.

Regular Bible apps simply have the Bible in app form. Check out the Olive Tree Bible, the Blue Letter Bible, or the You Bible.

You may also like apps that include daily devotionals such as First 5 or She Reads Truth for women, Bible.is for men, or Our Daily Bread or Jesus Calling for anyone.

No matter what your preference is, you can find a Bible app that will meet your needs. Many are available for free or a small cost. Opening your Bible app every day will teach you more about God and draw you closer to Him.

Meditate on God’s Word

You can use your new Bible app or a printed Bible to select one verse per day for meditation. By thinking carefully about this verse several times per day, your faith will grow.

It’s easy to select a verse based on a topic of current interest to you. Pick a struggle you’re having, such as patience. Use the search area of the app for verses related to patience or use an online concordance like the one at biblegateway.com to search for applicable verses. Choose one theme every week to grow into greater Christlikeness, which will draw you closer to God.

Take a walk

By taking a walk outside, you will enjoy the multisensory delights inside God’s beautiful creation. Note the sights, sounds, scents, and feelings you experience while walking. Use them as reasons to praise God for His goodness, provision, creativity, and splendor.

Walking is good for both your body and your spirit. Regular prayer walks can be your one-on-one time with your Heavenly Father. Let the exercise purge your body of toxins and tightness, and let your prayers release the hurts and hang-ups from your heart. You will walk closer to God when you take a walk in His creation.

Use prayer triggers

The more often you pray, the closer you will feel to God. Set up prayer triggers around your home, vehicle and workplace to remember to pray.

At home, you can place sticky notes on your mirror, kitchen window, or refrigerator with Bible verses or prayer prompts. When you see them, say a quick prayer based on the prompt.

In your car, you can hang an item from your rearview mirror or play certain songs every day that will remind you to pray for a certain person or situation.

At work, you can customize your screensaver with a verse or place scripture cards near your desk. Every time you have a break, take a moment to pray.

Seeing these triggers will keep you in constant conversation with your Lord. You will develop a closer relationship with Him through more frequent prayer.

Join a small group

It’s good to worship in church every week, but it’s even better to join in community. When you meet with a small group on a regular basis, you will enjoy the presence of Jesus through your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Private prayer and worship is wonderful. But God created us to exist in community. Call your pastor and ask for a recommendation for a small group. You can even start your own!

You need other Christians, and they need you too. When you meet with a small group, your perspectives will widen, and you’ll learn new things about God from others you can’t learn on your own.  By drawing close to others, you’ll also draw closer to God.

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