Tuition Prices

All registrations include a $35 non refundable application fee. 

Fees for the Seated School

$599 if paid in full by July 16th

$649 if paid in fully by August 16th 

$699 if paid after August 26th (start date)

Fees for Online school

$129 if paid in full by July 16th

$149 if paid in full by August 16th 

$169 if paid by August 26th (start date) 


Spouses Get 50% OFF

Looking forward to experiencing the presence and power of God with your spouse? Get an automatic 50% discount when you register together! Please note you must each fill out your application separately for the interview process but once you are accepted to the school, you will get your discount applied to your tuition automatically! 

CHILDREN Only $200

If you are wanting to get your children (between the ages of 13 - 19) involved in the power packed curriculum that we use here (that has been used at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Global School of Supernatural Ministry) You will only pay $200 for their registration. 


Want to Talk to A Leader?

Fill in the form below and one the the school leadership will be in touch to help you answer any questions! 

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