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How it Works


Weekly Training
Monday Nights

We meet each week, either through live stream or in a seated school setting for fellowship, a time of teaching, ministry and activation exercises, and assignments for the following week.  

Online Resources
Any Time

All of our lectures are recorded and made available through our online log in. We also have written assignments available for download and printing through our exclusive student only site. 

GUIDED Outreaches

We believe what we learn is for the good of others as well as ourselves. Each month you will be paired with a group and sent to minister the gospel of Jesus. We also offer mentorship for online students. 



All Applications are submitted to the school leaders and reviewed. Once reviewed you get a interview notice from the team so we can meet you and get to know you personally. 


What to Expect

We are a community and we do things in team here at NBSSM. Application process is a guided process where you will interview with a member of our team to see if you are a good fit for the school. Once accepted you will gain access to our online platform and all the curriculum information for the year. 


Go Deeper

We are invested in your health and wellbeing as a student. We have mentors who have been through the school and are available for you to contact for prayer and ministry throughout your time at NBSSM. 


What We Believe

We believe in a triune God made up of the Father, Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. We believe that miracles and healing are for today and in the priesthood of all believers. We believe in grace, honor, and love for one another.  


Free Training on our Blog 


Check out our free training on our Blog


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